Aqui les dejo un video de una de las seciones fotograficas de RUKI, pikenle en la imagen para descargarlo, espero que les guste ^_^


6 comentarios to “RUKI PHOTOSHOOT”

  1. uuuuuuiiii lo amo!!!!siempre….ruki esta como el vino kientras mas años tiene esta mas weno *3* bezoz

  2. waaa

    pero si es mas lindo!!!


    amo esa sesion!!

    se ve tan sexy!!

    ^^ gracias por la subida ^^

  3. krit0_3195 Says:


  4. sexy!!!

    esta muy rico en la pic (baba)

    es hermoso!!!

  5. Seinpei Says:

    WOW, love that pic, thanks!

    Hey, if you do like ruki chek this site

    (not sure, if the owner of this site (yeah you! XD) will like me doing this, if not you can put it down, no problem about it XP)

    In this little vid u can see a cute Ruki, but I wonder. How´s the real Ruki?

    A lot of people say he´s a perv, but i don´t think so, I think he´s acting and does it well, but nothing else. I think the real ruki is : cute, shy (at least a little bit), sensitive, and sometimes (ONLY SOMETIMES) sensible. What do you think about it? pleeeease telll meeeee! ´cos this is going me crazy… 😦 (yeah… more than what I´m right now)XD

    And, now another subject… I have noticed that most of the times Ruki looks older than what he really is, I think this is one of the first potoshoots where i´ve seen him natural (ehem…¨natural¨), and… young?

    Look, he IS young, he is just 27, the promblem, I think, is that the staff make him wear big clothes , or thinks like that, like for example, his hear. There in the potoshoot, he looks slim, and well built in proportions, but when his hear is up, and wide, it makes his head look bigger, so his body looks smaller and he ends up lost in proportions. Though, he has a nice face and body. What do you think about this? and do you find him really soooo tinny?

    Pleeeeaaaasssssseeeeee, answer meeee!!! (….I´ve lost control again…)

    (And if you still can´t see ruki´s cute side, look at this:

    Thank you sooo much


    Oh! and if

  6. ruki….
    un claro ejemplo de belleza convinado con visual key.
    q mas podemos pedir ????

    RUKI TE AMO !!!!




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